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Frazee Feet Dance is a Fiscally Sponsored Project by Fractured Atlas, a not-for-profit, tax-exempt, 501 (c)(3) organization based in New York, New York that servers the broader arts community throughout the United States. All donations submitted through our Fractured Atlas Campaign (linked above) are tax-deductible. For more information on Fractured Atlas and/or to obtain our most recent financial report, please click HERE.

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Lauri Lucas/Fitzsimmons Dance Factory

Renee & Donovan Frazee

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Donna & Brett Frazee

Judith Falor


Demian Spindler

Anna-Marie Unger

Emily Doyle

Michelle Speo

Sarah Cox

Mary & Mark D'Amico

Margaret & James Vacanti

Renee & Donovan Frazee

Edward Shova

Alexander Cottrell

Pam McMindes

Warren Seidman

Matthew McKay

Mary Beth Camp

Emily Doyle

John McDairmant

Angela Merced

Rene & Don Hauk

Claudine McGinnity

Diana Kelly

Lauri Lucas/Fitzsimmons Dance Factory


Kate & Martin Walders

Andrew Vacanti

Dan Sage

Mary Wilsch

Missy Pfohl Smith

Devone & Taylor Walders

Shirley Chen

Epiphany Rivera

Aria Roach

Demian Spindler

Dante Worth

Donna Davenport

Alexis Dawkins

Chelsea Bentley

Maureen Kaltenbach

Sue Tessier

Renee & Donovan Frazee

Heather Stevenson

Jake Vacanti

Meghan McKay

Warren Seidman

Rebecca Waldrop

Ilene Montana

Beth Fecteau

Eileen Conway

Catherine M. Criticos

Donna Brett

Gabriella Quintana

Lauri Lucas/Fitzsimmons Dance Factory


Demian Spindler

Reya Farber

Roy Wood

Donna Davenport

Beth Fecteau

Taylor Solano

Lauri Lucas/Fitzsimmons Dance Factory


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